Hardboard Sheets - types & sizes

Sydenhams Plywood & Panel Products (formerly Avon Plywood) stocks a wide variety of Hardboard so you're sure to find the right one to match your requirements.

Hardboard is commonly used for picture-frame backing, wardrobe and cupboard backs and to provide a smooth surface on uneven floors when laying floorcoverings such as carpet, vinyl or laminate. It is also an excellent money-saving option as it helps to reduce or eliminate draughts.

Hardboard is available as three different types - Standard, Painted and Oil Tempered.

Oil Tempered hardboard is treated with linseed oil during the manufacturing process which makes it very moisture resistant and also results in a higher bending strength.

Conditioning Hardboard

We recommend that Standard Hardboard is conditioned before use. This treatment ensures that the boards lie flat without buckling, avoiding unsightly bumps.

Please note, it is NOT advisable to use Oil Tempered Hardboard under a light or pale coloured vinyl floor as its dark brown colour may cause discolouration.

Fixing Hardboard
For best results use hardboard pins to fix them, making sure you nail right round the edge and all across each board at approx. 150mm intervals.