For less demanding use, why not choose Pinboard? This lower cost alternative is a good option for home or light duty office use and can easily be repainted in your own colour choice to perfectly match the surrounding decor.

Softboard is a low-density compressed fibreboard, finished and sealed on one face with a light tan-coloured paint. The main use of this product is heat and sound insulation and it's often used as a lightweight underlining to improve the insulation and appearance of old ceilings. Another common use for Softboard is to incorporate it into a party wall or internal partition wall to reduce heat loss or unwanted noise.

No More Ply
A tile backing system with a lifetime guarantee, used to strengthen timber floors prior to tiling. It's quick and easy to handle, cut, and lay. It's thin, so avoids any unwanted step into the tiled area, and it's water resistant unlike plywood which weakens when damp.

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