Precision Cutting
Sydenhams Plywood & Panel Products (Formerly Avon Plywood) stands at the forefront of precision cutting services. Based on years of experience, our professional service uses the latest state of the art equipment and software to achieve fine tolerances and a superb high-quality finish. We’re proud of our reputation as 'specialists' in precision cutting, aiming to deliver perfect results every time.

More than just ‘cut to size’
Our cut to size service is unique offering quality materials, specialist advice, great value and faster turnaround. We stock a wide range of wood based sheet materials including MDF, Plywood, Chipboard, Veneered MDF, Melamine Faced Chipboard & MDF and Valchromat which can all be cut to size.

What our Cut to Size Service Offers You

  • A professional, highly accurate, cut to size service for wood-based sheet materials
  • Our optimising software converts cutting lists into the fastest, most effective and most economical cutting plan
  • Cuts down excessive waste and reduces costs.
  • We have three Holzma beam saws to achieve outstanding accuracy.
  • We supply quality materials at great value prices with discounts for larger orders.

Fast ‘Cut to Size’ Quotations
Why not send us your cutting list for an accurate cut to size 'best value' quote? Our computer-based optimising programme does the maths for you by calculating the most effective and economical way to process your order. Once that's done, we can supply it when and where you want - job done!

Contact us for further information or use our online cutting form.