Pitts Polycolour FR

An acoustic panel ideal for noticeboards and sound insulation now available at Sydenhams Plywood & Panel Products.

Made from 100% PET plastic which depending on the colour contains up to 70% recycled material (mainly plastic bottles). You can also recycle in your PET waste.

Flame retardant to BS EN13501 Class B.

Suitable for use in schools, Hospitals and offices - They can be installed on interior walls and ceilings as decorative acoustic tiles, pinboards or full wall covering and as insulation boards in floors, walls and ceilings.

Product Benefits:

  • Highly Durable providing long term performance guaranteed for 5 years

  • Fully compliant with UK fire regulations for Installation in school classrooms & corridors, public spaces, gyms, music studios and offices

  • Surface suitable for printing directly on to

  • contains up to 70% recycled post-consumer plastic waste

  • Easily cut to size on site with no framing required

  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance and thermal properties

  • Free of any harmful chemicals

  • Lightweight, stable, dust free and impact resistant

  • Easy to install with screw fix and cups or Velcro mount

  • Standard and bespoke colours available



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