Melamine, Veneers & PVC Edge Banding.

We don't skimp on detail and believe the quality of the finish can make or break a project. That's why we've developed our edge banding service over many years so we can provide an outstanding service capable of matching even the most demanding requirements. Our edge banding equipment means we can offer faster turnaround times, while our superlative choice of materials makes it easy to deliver the top-quality finish you deserve.

Plenty of Choice
We offer a fantastic selection of edge material including melamine, wood veneer, wood coil or PVC edging. We supply melamine in 0.4mm thickness while high quality Real Wood Veneer edge banding comes in 0.6mm or 3mm. For PVC we use 1mm or 2mm thickness edge materials.

Edging Ahead
Once cut to size, your choice of material is passed on to our expert edge banding team who skillfully operate our machine which will give you a perfectly finished product.

With the thicker lipping materials (2mm or 3mm) it is also possible to machine a small radius on top, bottom and corners as well as square edged.

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