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We're extremely proud to be the leading UK suppliers of this product and there's very little we don't know about plywood and its properties. Come to Sydenhams Plywood & Panel Products (formerly Avon Plywood) and you'll find much more than just an extensive choice of plywood types and grades. Our range includes the following:

Birch Plywood
Sheet sizes available are 2440 x 1220, 1525 x 1525 and 1525 x 3050. Thicknesses from 0.8mm up to 50mm. It comes in various forms; Laser Plywood, White melamine faced, Mesh/Smooth face, Pre-lacquered. We stock various grades to suit all needs; furniture, flooring, laser cutting, children's toys and many others besides.

Laser Plywood

Hardwood Plywood
We stock Far Eastern and Chinese Hardwood Plywood. All conforming to BS EN 314-2 Class 2 or 3. Sheet sizes are 2440 x 1220 and 3050 x 1220/1525. Suitable for all sorts of projects; Building, Furniture, Many general applications. Also available in Flame resistant.

Shuttering/Sheathing Plywood
A good general purpose Plywood used in many application; wall sheathing, shuttering and general building. Made of Pine or Spruce available in 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24mm. Conforming to CE2+ and BBA certified. We also offer a Spruce Plywood in 18 and 21mm suitable for flooring (T&G).

Marine Plywood
Comes in two types; Far Eastern Marine BS1088 BS EN 314-3 class 3. Also Gaboon Through-out Marine Plywood BS1088 and Lloyds registered. Used for extreme outdoor use, boat building and garden furniture.

Melamine Faced Plywood
This product is a hard wearing White Melamine suitable for cabinet making and some low use work surfaces. Available in 2440 x 1220 and 1525 x 3050.

Anti-Slip Plywood
As it states. We carry an Anti-slip Plywood a mesh face one side with a smooth reverse. Suitable for trailer and lorry beds, walk ways and scaffolding boards. Available in 2440 x 1220 and 1525 x 3050. Also available are other more hard wearing materials for heavy duty use.

Roofing & Flooring Plywood
You can use Pine or Spruce Plywood for this application. Available in 9, 12, 18, 21 and 24mm. Roofing Plywood, if used structurally would be CE2+ BBA certified. Tongue and grooved is available from stock for a high quality floor.

Flexible Plywood
Available in 5 and 8mm thickness this plywood is used for creating curves. It can flex either in the length or across the board available in 2440 x 1220 sheet. The radii is determined by the thickness of the panel. Suitable for Kitchens, Displays, Shop fitting and many other decorative uses

Lightweight (Poplar) Plywood
An alternative to many plywoods on the market this is available in 3 - 24mm. Typically weighing 1/3 less than many standard plywoods. (280-440 kg/m3). Endless applications, boat building, camper van/caravans, kitchen wall cabinets, furniture, exhibition/shop fitting and many more.

Oak Veneered Plywood

We stock Decospan’s Oak Veneered Birch Plywood and Oak Veneered Poplar Plywood. Wood veneer is a thin slice of natural wood cut from a log, and because every tree is unique, each natural wood veneer has its own distinct appearance.

Within this range we have various grades, sizes and thicknesses available.

Cut to Size
As with all our products, we offer a cut to size service which can provide accurately cut panels without the need for handling the larger sheets, cutting down on excessive waste and costs.